About Us

  • Magnetic Games' Office Our office in Ventura County, CA

Magnetic Games LLC was established by Ryan Hamlyn in late 2010 as a mobile and social games company with a music and entertainment twist. Located in Ventura County, California, and surrounded by fields that produce the world's best strawberries, we're focused on fun and quality in our games, and on bringing something new and original to players around the world.


The Team

Ryan Hamlyn
Ryan Hamlyn

After toiling in Silicon Valley for a few years, Ryan got started in the game industry working for Koei in Yokohama, Japan. He spent a few years at Sony PlayStation back here in the US, and following that, was at Pandemic Studios until it met its ultimate demise (tear). The past decade or so has been spent making games for other companies, and the time was ripe to branch out and challenge himself both creatively and professionally by starting his own game company and making his own games.